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1. Submission Details
Project Id 72-60-20090826-565 Submission # 1
Project Name Powhatan Commercial Locality Project Id 72
VDOT District Richmond
Jurisdiction County Of Powhatan
Locality Contact TIA Preparer

2. Location
Route NoStreet NamePrincipal RouteAverage Daily Traffic (ADT)
60 Anderson Hwy 25000.00

3. Site Details
  • Zoning TIA Review
  • Principal Parcel Id 42-6F, 42-6A
    Type of Development Commercial - Shopping Center Acreage 53.34
    Residential Units 0.00 Commercial Sqr Ft 170000.00
    Additional Vehicles Per Hour (VPH) 667.00 Additional Vehicles Per Day (VPD) 916.00

    4. Work Tracking
    VDOT Contact Boris Solomonov
    Yes VDOT Requested Meeting on TIA No
    Date Locality Received TIA 8/26/2009 Locality's Deadline for VDOT's Review 10/10/2009
    Date VDOT Received TIA 8/26/2009 TIA Regulation Deadline for VDOT's Review 10/10/2009
    Status Review Complete - Revision Required Date VDOT Completed Review 10/9/2009

    5. TIA Submittal and Official VDOT Response
    Powhatan 527 Appendix.pdf pdf 4676649 Powhatan Commercial Appendix 8/27/2009
    Powhatan 527 TIA (FINAL 08.20.09).pdf pdf 4713573 TIA Final 8/27/2009
    Letter to County 100909.PDF pdf 91012 Residency Letter to County 10-09-09 10/9/2009
    PowhatanCommercialAddendum-101409.pdf pdf 68883 Addendum to the Residency letter 10/14/2009
    Supplemental information received on 012110.pdf pdf 138380 Supplemental information received on 01/21/10 1/22/2010

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