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Current Version
Version 1.2.1 Released 06/13/2008
  1. Fixed a bug in the search page so that search on the street name gives an accurate result, previously the result was sporadic.
  2. Fixed a bug in the search page to search for a submission with a Principal Parcel ID.
  3. The category "State-Wide" in the Districts field has been deleted as per the users request and "All Districts" is used for the total of all submissions. The Gauge numbers ie.., On Time/Early and Total for "ALL Districts" have been fixed to display the totals correctly.
  4. Deleted the VDOT Districts field in the Advanced Search criteria and tied the street and route list to Jurisdiction. Now if a jurisdiction is selected the corresponding streets or route list is displayed in the drop down list.
  5. Pre-Checked the Submission Types in the Advanced Search allowing the users to uncheck if they want to narrow the search. Also added an information image describing this, "To narrow the search, uncheck the Submission Types that you do not want".
  6. Fixed a bug in the search page so that an apostrophe in the street name doesn't give an error.

Previous Versions
Version 1.1.0 Released .
Details The version numbers for this external web site will be kept in sync with the internal web site. That is why, even though this is the first version of the external web site, the version number is 1.1.0.

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